Modern Tennis - Forehand


How to win points with the forehand

Find out why classic methods might be failing you, and learn how to develop a powerful forehand 

This is the best course for anyone who wishes to learn the best forehand technique…for anyone who wishes to play Modern Tennis and win! 

Do you have a strong forehand, but miss it often? Or do you have a weak forehand that makes it easy to beat you?

If the answer to either of these questions is “yes”, then you’re in good company: most players feel that their forehand is their most natural shot, but can’t hit it the way they want to.

I invite you to read this letter and to find out how you can improve your forehand – the most important shot in the modern game.


Who was the first player to turn his forehand into a major weapon?

The answer is Ivan Lendl, who used his forehand to fight his way to world number one and several Grand Slam titles.

But the player who probably inspired modern pros to develop their forehands into weapons is Andre Agassi.

His aggressive style of play made everyone realize that they could use their forehand to consistently overpower their opponents.


Today, Federer, Nadal and Djokovic all dominate the modern game with their forehands.

The shot has evolved tremendously over the past 25 years, and these are some of the elements that need to be focused on by anyone wishing to have a big forehand:

—The correct movement

—Hitting the ball at exactly the right height

—The correct bending of the legs

Everything you need to know to transform your forehand can be found with Modern Tennis!