ET - Backhand slice


What you need to know to play the backhand slice

Whether you use a two-handed backhand or prefer to use the classic one-hander, it is very important to know how to hit a backhand slice. There are many situations in tennis where you could greatly benefit from this shot, and mastering it will add a new dimension to your game.

Of course, in order to use the shot to its full effect you will need to be able to hit it with force, which can take quite a lot of practice.

If you look at the pros, you will see that they often make use of the backhand slice during rallies. Indeed, it is quite a popular shot for many players.

This is because in certain game situations (such as when you are late on the ball, or when it is too far away or too low) playing a topspin backhand is not very effective and will likely result in an error.

In my experience, this situation often arises for players who prefer the one-handed backhand, which requires a very precise and accurate point of impact in order to be effective.

Very often, however, you can find yourself in a position where you have to hit a backhand but are unable to hit the ball at the optimum point of impact for a topspin backhand. So we need to know how to play a shot that allows us to control the ball even if it is at an awkward height.

This shot will become a critical part of your arsenal.