Coaches for Africa - Max Sartori


Max Sartori’s advice for entering the
profession of tennis

Based on experience gained alongside the Italian
tennis player Andreas Seppi.

Key factors to keep in mind when entering the profession of tennis

Who is Max Sartori?

Max is an Italian coach who was born on March 16, 1967, and has been a master FIT since 1993. He worked at TC Lonigo and Vicenza Altavilla before moving to Caldano in 1995, where he lives and works.

That same year, he obtained his first successes with the under-12s, a group which included including Thomas Holzer, Mirko Balestro, Marco Lionetti and Andreas Seppi, with whom he began a long collaboration.

He is currently working on a team with Riccardo Piatti.

Sartori helped Seppi reached the Top 100 in 2005, and his ranking grew steadily until in January of 2013 he was

ranked 13th in the world.

Andreas Seppi (born February 21, 1984) is an Italian tennis player.

Over the years, the partnership between Seppi and Sartori led to the conquest of three titles, in Eastbourne on grass, on clay in Belgrade and on hard courts in Moscow. Seppi became the first Italian tennis player in history to win three ATP titles on three different surfaces.