Coaches for Africa - David Mcpherson


The point of view of David Mcpherson,
coach of Bryans

The winning approach for the success in doubles

Mcpherson introduces the secret of his work and explains how Bob and Mike got excellent performances during the years

Introduction of Lorenzo Turchi – president of Tennis for Africa

I have realized some interview this year for collecting the opinions of the top coaches I had the pleasure to meet. All

of them have a common feature: hard workers with the respect of the players they coach and with a clear perspective of their role.

 David Mcpherson is perfectly in line with this skill, that I think is the basis for the success.

David Mcpherson profile

David Macpherson, born 3 July 1967 in Launceston, Tasmania - Australia, is a former professional tennis player on the ATP tour.

As a junior player Macpherson reached the U.S. Open Junior Doubles Tournament finals in 1983 and won the Australia Open Junior Doubles title in 1985 (with Brett Custer).

Known primarily as a doubles specialist, Macpherson's professional career was highlighted by his 1992 season with partner, Steve DeVries, where they won doubles titles in Milan, Manchester, Indian Wells, Atlanta, Charlotte and Brisbane to finish No. 8 in the year end Team Rankings and qualifying for ATP Tour World Doubles Championships.

In November of that year he achieved his high personal rank of #11 in the doubles ranking. During his career,Macpherson captured 16 doubles titles on the ATP tour.

He currently coaches  #1 ranked American doubles players Bob and Mike Bryan.

Mcpherson believes that Mike and Bob’s work ethic is just second to none. They practice with so much intensity every day and they give 100% every match. For this reason David considers a great privilege to coach them for all these years, in particular for nine years.

He doesn’t think to never had one practice session where they haven’t given 100% focus and energy. They are really

quite remarkable that way. As a coach, he doesn’t’ have to

motivate them at all. They are completely self-motivated,

and they make his work much easier.