Which is your current level? Posted on 26 Jan 11:17

Your current level of ability or your capacity to hit don’t matter, the key to a better tennis is the understanding of the game and the involved techniques.

There are many parts that are about tennis, the most important ones are: the technique, the tactic, the mental tennis, the specific footwork and the physical preparation.

These aspects go together with a player’s evolution, even though players can be stronger or weaker in some areas.

Use the correct learning process in order to play better. The learning process of something new can be frustrating.

It’s part of the human nature to stand still and become familiar with a certain routine or habit.

This can be particularly disadvantageous when it comes to learning how to improve tennis.

In tennis, amateur players often develop wrong habits with their shots, and usually the hardest habits to “break” are one’s weak points.

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